You must have seen lots of mobile phone manufacturers release they scores in ANTUTU Benchmark, and most of flagship smartphones get a good result. But when referring to rugged phone, how many points do you think it should be? Here comes a ANTUTU review from a new rugged phone from DOOGEE, a screen shot show that this rugged phone got about 61000 points in ANTUTU Benchmark.

According to the information from DOOGEE, S60 ( is powered by MTK P25 CPU, which is famous from balance between performance and power-saving, so S60 perform well in this running. Compared to other rugged phone like Samsung X cover and Cat S60, DOOGEE S60 is obviously more excellent in term of hardware configuration. We check a Smartphone price comparison website kimovil which focus on find the right smartphone for customer. You can confirm this information directly from kimovil.

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Octa-Core MTK CPU clock at 2.5GHz, 6 GB RAM +64GB Storage, 21MP Camera, 5580mAh battery, and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 covered on 5.2’’ FHD display was applied in this phone, but that’s not the most important thing.
There is no doubt that DOOGEE S60 is the most cost-effective rugged phone in the market with only $269.99 in AliExpress (。
Furthermore, DOOGEE is not only a flagship rugged phone with high configuration, but also own a beautiful look. S60 come in three colors: Black, Silver, and Gold. We found a video from DOOGEE S60, which color do you like?

There is a torture test video of DOOGEE S60:

Unboxing review video of DOOGEE S60: